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I did a music video for The Menzingers a few years back, so it was nice to have a reunion of sorts and jump on stage for their last song at The Fest.

Riverboat Gamblers – “blue ghosts” – live at The Fest 11 from Steadfast Videos on Vimeo.

Halloween weekend nearly everyone leaves Gainesville for the Florida vs Georgia college football game in Jacksonville. This is when thousands of people from around the world storm Gainesville for The Fest.  This was the tenth annual Fest. My friend Alain and myself shot 3 days of music, and these are some moments from the footage that I put together into a highlight of sorts.

As promised here’s the second video I shot with the boys in Gainesville.  With the sun setting we ended up with a very vibrant and warm feeling video.

Back in March of 2010 I was shooting at the Harvest of Hope Music Festival and I ran into the guys from Look Mexico and asked if they wanted to do a one-take acoustic video.  We ended up shooting it inside of their RV, and to this day it is one of my favorite videos.  That video can be found here.

At The Fest 10 in Gainesville we met up and shot two new acoustic videos.  Mega retailer PacSun has a nice write up about them and features our new video here.

I met up with Bobby Barnett in Gainesville on the last day of The Fest and shot this behind his hotel.  I really liked the spot because of the wood beams and the tree with spanish moss all around.

I’ve been a fan of Hot Water Music for years, but I only saw them live once before.  Seeing them return to Gainesville and play together for a hometown show, and being side stage for it, was one of the most memorable sets I may ever see.  I was in Gainesville shooting the highlight video for The Fest 10 and getting short clips of bands.  I had no intention of shooting complete songs this weekend, but I couldn’t help myself for this one.  My two regrets are that I did not have a high quality external mic on my camera at the time, and I didn’t shoot the complete version of them playing “Trusty Chords” right before this.


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